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EcoWater Systems- the rolls royce of water softeners?

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Over the last decade we have seen a steady decline in build quality of products within the water treatment industry. The additional influx of imported sub standard equipment has resulted in a substantially higher number of breakdowns and repairs. I think we've accepted that long gone are the days of just preventative maintenance (servicing) but is it possible to turn back the tide? In order for us to accomplish this we are quite specific on what products we promote, sell and install. Quality over quantity is what we are committed to delivering, this ensures our customers receive the very best.

EcoWater Systems from Minnesota, USA have been developing and manufacturing water softening systems since 1925. Their products are manufactured in the USA and sold all over the world including the UK. One of the biggest qualities that correspond with our ethos is EcoWater Systems are renowned for their reliability and longevity of products. How long does an EcoWater water softener last? We regularly visit customers who have owned an EcoWater water softener for well in excess of 20+ years. EcoWater Evolution Range The current offering from EcoWater Systems is a large range of smart water softeners and refiners to suit all types of properties and applications. An EcoWater softener uses a smart algorithm which maps your water usage pattern. Based on this information, the time of recharge and the capacity to recharge is adjusted, for optimal efficiency. This reduces your overall salt consumption which ensures any salt is not wasted, lowering running costs and saving you money.

What is a refiner? Very similar to a water softener, a refiner contains a mixed media bed of softening resin and activated carbon. The addition of the carbon will remove unpleasant odours, colours and tastes from the water. WiFi enabled? Why do i need a Wifi compatible softener? Although not a deal incentive and a function which can be switched off, a WiFi enabled water softener can make life easier by allowing us the installer and you the customer to monitor your water softener remotely. Notifications via text message or email when salt is required or detailed information on water usage is surely a bonus if your water softener isn't located somewhere regularly accessed?

I assume an EcoWater water softener is expensive? In the UK water softener prices generally range from approximately £200-£2000. EcoWater System water softeners are priced in the upper third of this price bracket but after all they are up there with the very best. Again to reiterate, EcoWater Systems offer the most reliable water softeners combined with the performance and efficiency you'd expect from a high end product. A cheap water softener will see more unexpected call outs, numerous replacement parts over it's lifetime and that's not to mention a high salt & water consumption. That once cheap water softener soon becomes a money pit. We've met customers who have easily been through three water softeners in the space of 20 years in comparison to one EcoWater softener. In a nutshell "you get what you pay for"

Here at AllSalts we offer a full installation service throughout our usual areas of Essex, East London, South Herts and North Kent for any of the EcoWater Systems range of water softener and refiner units. To 'practice what we preach' we will backup the manufactures 5 year parts warranty with a complementary 5 year labour warranty. More information on these range up products will shortly be added to our website but for now anything additional can be found at

Note: We are not paid by any manufacturer to promote a particular product. We will only recommend to our customers what we believe is the very best and most suitable products for their requirements

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