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Domestic Water Softeners

 If you are looking for high quality products but unsure on a suitable system in this currently saturated market we have the expertise that can assist you. We have a large range of premium quality water softeners to suit every household.


Hague Maximizer


Harvey Water Softeners


Superior reliability with a range of sizes to suit. Very salt efficient and suitable for a wide range of plumbing systems. Salt level detection system will alert customers with it's WiFi enabled features.

infinity water softener.png

Ultra compact non-electric twin cylinder block salt water softener built for the UK market. 10 years parts warranty.


Maximizer Range

Most efficient water softeners in their class. Ideal water softener for unvented hot water cylinder plumbing systems (i.e megaflow) where high flow rates are in demand with 1" connections as standard.

M3 Minimax

UK's #1 selling domestic water softener. Twin cylinder non-electric design with an accurate metering system, small enough to be installed underneath a kitchen sink.

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