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AIWSE & Quooker - Pt 2

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

With 2022 drawing to a close there was still time for one last AIWSE meeting. Bath, Somerset was the destination and with a few new members onboard plus 2 special guests, myself, Natacha and Albert the dog made the trek down to the west country for a weekend of training and sightseeing.

Following on from our productive zoom meeting back in late 2020 with Quooker UK director Stephen Johnson, it was about time to learn a little more about Quooker's boiling water tap systems and their approach to water quality here in the UK.

After a brief catch up amongst fellow AIWSE members, we were visited by two of the top Quooker engineers. AIWSE members were able to learn and gain more in-depth knowledge on the workings of Quooker's most popular products whilst sharing some of our own expertise on water quality and specific treatment. Common questions from customers such as 'can I feed my Quooker with soft water?' and the use of water softeners & purification equipment with Quooker boiling water taps was discussed in much more detail.

A Q&A session followed by fault diagnosis and full strip down of parts, even the more experienced engineers amongst us who are already quite familiar with Quooker products learnt a thing or two.

AIWSE meeting

With 2022 being a turbulent year for the economy it's safe to say the AIWSE has gone from strength to strength with the addition of 4 new members including myself Jason of AllSalts, Tristan of AquaSoft, Simon of Soft Options and Sandy Salts & Softeners. Thanks to Paul Webb of Dorset Water Softeners for organising the event and look forward to future events and the further expansion of AIWSE in 2023.

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