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The non-electric block salt water softener just got a whole lot better!

High performance ultra compact non-electric twin cylinder block salt water softener.

Manufactured in the USA and specifically designed for the UK.


Built for Britain

Designed specifically for the UK market, the compact Infinity T4 is designed to be installed in the smallest of spaces.


10 year warranty

For peace of mind a 10 year parts warranty comes as standard with the Infinity T4.

WRAS Certification

One of only a few water softening systems to carry the WRAS certification.


Q & A - What do you like most about the Infinity T4 water softener?

The Infinty T4 is a very versatile and simple to operate water softener system. If you're tight for space then this is the water softener for you. No electrics and nothing to set, just two blocks of salt and you're done.


Dimensions -

H498mm x D468mm x W219mm

Performance - 

Minimum Flow 1L/min

Maximum Flow 51L/min


System - 

Max Operating Pressure 7 bar


Regeneration - 

Time 11 minutes

Volume 20.5 litres

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