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The latest offering from Quooker, the CUBE. Your boiling water tap can now deliver chilled and sparkling filtered water

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CUBE Installation

The CUBE system is installed alongside your Quooker tank. It comes complete with two internal water filter cartridges to improve the quality and taste of your incoming water. Also attached to the CUBE is a CO2 (included) which can deliver up to 60 litres of sparkling filtered water.


H 430mm, W 230mm, D 440mm

(allow an additional 65mm in width when mounting CO2 cylinder)

Why choose us?


At AllSalts we have been supplying and installing Quooker boiling water taps for a number of years. We offer a very selective range of products which WE CHOOSE TO SELL to ensure our customers not only receives a great quality product but are also able to provide specific detailed information when and if needed. 

Yeah sure you may be able to find the products slightly cheaper elsewhere but being qualified plumbing & heating engineers that install boiling water taps day in day out we also have the knowledge and expertise to provide a neat and tidy installation service.

If you require further information on the Quooker CUBE system why not check out our FAQ blog post click here

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