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Quooker CUBE - FAQ

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

The CUBE is the latest offering from boiling water tap giants Quooker. A compact unit which turns your Quooker boiling water tap into 'THE TAP THAT DOES IT ALL' by delivering filtered chilled and sparkling water. Our frequently asked questions will give you more information and help you decide if the Quooker CUBE is for you.

Can i add the CUBE to my existing Quooker system?

Yes, providing your Quooker boiling water tap was manufactured after October 2017. To clarify this check the serial number on your boiling tank. It should start with the letters VCW or CCW.

Do i need another tap installed on my worktop?

NO, your current Quooker tap is already able to accept the CUBE. Filtered and sparkling water is dispensed by a single press and turn operation.

How long do the filter cartridges last?

The capacity of the filter cartridges are around 6,000 litres. For hygienic reasons Quooker recommend they are changed annually. Currently priced at £70 inc VAT

How do i know when the filters need replacing?

The CUBE will emit a beeping noise along with a flashing light indicating it's time to replace the cartridges.

How long do the CO2 cylinders last?

Each cylinder can supply 60 litres of sparkling water. Sold exclusively by Quooker in a set of 4 priced at £70 inc VAT What temperature is the chilled and sparkling water?

The CUBE can dispense an unlimited amount of filtered water on demand. The filtered water feed passes through the chilled sparkling water section which in turn reduces the temperature of the filtered water by around 5 degrees as it is dispensed. The temperature of the chilled water will therefore vary depending on the incoming water temperature and the amount of chilled sparkling water within the tank. A completely emptied tank takes around 40 minutes for the 2 litres of sparkling water to fully cool down again.

How much does a Quooker CUBE cost?

Approximately £1150, please call for a more accurate quotation or if purchasing alongside a Quooker boiling tap.


Tank: CUBE Voltage: 230V Wattage: 100W Flow rate filtered water: 1.4 litres/min. Flow rate sparkling water: 2 litres/min. Chilling time*: 40min Standby consumption*: 12W Tank height: 43cm (40.5cm excluding CO₂ cylinder) Tank width: 30cm (23.5cm excluding CO₂ cylinder) Depth: 44cm Min. water pressure: 200kPa (2bar) Max. water pressure: 400 kPa (4bar) Max. CO₂ pressure: 400 kPa (4bar) Water filter: Active Carbon and Hollow Fibre filter

Can AllSalts install my Quooker CUBE?

YES, we can supply and install your Quooker CUBE providing it is within our work areas. Essex, East London, Kent and South Herts. From Tunbridge Wells to Tiptree or Sawbridgeworth to Sittingbourne we have you covered!

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