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Quooker boiling water tap servicing

Updated: May 6, 2023

This blog post will help provide you with a little information on what you can expect from a service and how it is beneficial to maintain your Quooker boiling tap.

I recently visited one of our customers to carry out a service on their Quooker boiling water tap. Originally installed along with the kitchen a few years ago, the customer had noticed it wasn't performing quite as well, especially over recent months.

The customer had reported a diminished flow of water when operating the boiling water side of the tap including a reduction in the volume of boiling water produced compared to when it was installed.

If you didn't already know, here in the south east of the United Kingdom we suffer from very hard water. The damaging effects of hard water and limescale can prove to be costly, reducing the lifespan of many appliances around the home. Boilers, washing machines, dishwashers and even your boiling water taps will eventually succumb to poor water quality.

What is involved in a service?

The main objective for a service is to get your Quooker system working back to it's best. Our engineers will disconnect and remove your system to fully clean all the internals. Whilst apart we would advise the internal hi-tac filter is replaced. This is an internal carbon based filter used to remove chlorine and improve taste. An inspection of all other parts will be carried out by our engineers who will advise if any additional parts are required. Once rebuilt we reconnect your system to your plumbing system, checking for any leaks and test/flush the system through thoroughly. Here in this video you can see what i found when removing the heater. The heating element was submerged in limescale and i would of estimated at least 1/3 of the tank was full of scale.

Can i prevent further build up of limescale in my Quooker?

Yes. A couple of options are available. Quooker have a their own product available 'scale control R' which is a filter system installed prior to the boiler itself. Filter cartridges need to be periodically replaced, the frequency is subject to usage and incoming water hardness.

Alternatively if you own a water softener you may also be able to connect this to your Quooker. More specific information on this can be found here

If you would like your Quooker boiling water tap serviced get in touch with us today. AllSalts specialise in boiling water taps offering a range of products from most reputable manufactures. Our services include supply, installation and service/repairs and our work areas include Essex, Kent, South Herts and East London.

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