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A new breed of kitchen tap

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Having not seen the Qettle family since i started installing for them back in 2020 i decided to pop by just before Christmas to check out their upcoming releases of kitchen mixer and instant boiling water taps for 2022.

The last couple years has seen the instant boiling water tap market grow significantly with additional manufacturers popping up everywhere.

The once overlooked luxury appliance now seems to be at the very top of everyone's list of must-have items for their new kitchen with all the bigger well known kitchen manufacturers such as Wren, Magnet and Howdens now pushing these types of products.

Qettle Signature Modern Mixer - Single Lever

Qettle have always provided a range of instant boiling water taps to suit all budgets and have now expanded their ever popular signature range giving the consumer even more options. The Signature range of taps are manufactured from high grade stainless steel offering great durability whilst looking stylish in classic and contemporary settings. I myself have had the 4 in 1 Qettle Signature for well over a year now and cannot fault it. The recent additions now include a dedicated boiling/filtered water tap, the 'Signature MINI' and two standard hot & cold mixer taps (single and dual lever) to match. The inclusion of the new Qettle taps now give you greater flexibility when designing your kitchen by being able to either match a utility room tap with your main boiling water tap or even having a separate dedicated boiling/filtered tap sited at a smaller secondary sink.

Pricing - Qettle's Signature MINI boiling tap is priced from £545 with the single lever mixer at £270 and Dual lever mixer £290. Very reasonably priced!

With Qettle's recent additions to their lineup and a few exciting announcements to follow in fall 2022, it's quite apparent the family run British manufacturer is here to stay. Kettle out Qettle in!

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