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Qettle Boiling Water Tap Review

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

The cost effective solution for instant boiling water. Although instant boiling taps have been around for decades, the popularity has increased in the last few years resulting in more and more manufacturers popping up claiming to have the next best product. Which is the best boiling tap? Here at AllSalts, Jason has been installing various makes and models of boiling taps for the last few years. After speaking to a number of customers and the feedback we received it was quite clear that not a single person would be without one and it would be at the top of their list (along with the water softener) should they ever move property. The downside to this type of product which puts the majority of people off is the initial cost ........... enter the Qettle. With my existing boiling tap not lasting more than 2 years, i decided to install the Qettle Signature modern tap into my own home. If we were going to sell and install Qettle products what better way than being able to give an honest review to future clients. I opted for the signature modern model with it's sleek stainless finish to match in with my other appliances. The boiling tank options are available in either 2, 4 or 7 litre. With the 2 litre being of a similar size to a traditional kettle, this would be adequate for most small to medium size families. I'm a big tea drinker and used my previous boiling tap for cooking (filling saucepans) so i opted for the 4 litre tank knowing i would have a little in reserve should i need it. With other manufacturers offering a similar setup but at least double the price, at £695.00 inc VAT i was not expecting it to be anywhere near the build quality. How wrong could i of been? First Impressions I was really impressed by the quality of all the components, mainly the tap. The kitchen tap for most people is a real workhorse, so not only did it need to look the part but also be durable. This tap ticks all of the boxes and looks great!

Installation The Qettle system was nice and easy to install. Obviously this is our line of work but with a little plumbing experience it could be something that can be tackled yourself. The two main points i would take into consideration is space available in your cupboard and the requirement of a 3 pin socket. Here at AllSalts we have an installation service available at £199. Features The Qettle Signature tap is not just a boiling tap, it's essentially a 4 way tap. Not only does it deliver your standard hot and cold water but what i like the most is the addition of cold filtered drinking water. This negates the need for an extra tap at the sink or the difficult decision of choosing between boiling or filtered with a 3 way tap. One advantage the Qettle has is the ability to deliver 100 degree boiling water, which for some is crucial for that perfect cup of tea. Only a few boiling taps on the market can deliver this.

The system was delivered with 3 main components, the tap itself, a boiling tank and a filter system. The filter system serves two purposes 1. Improves the taste of your water by removing chlorine 2. Treats the water entering the boiler to prevent limescale build up. Filter cartridges like most are replaced every 6 months and the tap has a little light which indicates when this is due. Another important element is safety which can be a major factor when deciding to purchase a boiling tap. Yes you still have to use common sense but the Qettle tap is supplied with a labelled safety cap. This can be slid onto the boiling tap handle preventing anyone from unknowingly dispensing boiling water.

Our Verdict - 9.5/10 The best value boiling water tap on the market by far. A range of different models starting from only £405 inc VAT. If you're in the market for a new kitchen tap we would highly recommend the Qettle boiling tap. The convenience and instant delivery of boiling water is fantastic!

Why not combine this product with one of our water softeners for a whole house water treatment package?

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