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The importance of water quality and boiling water taps

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Working in and around the prevalent hard water areas in the south east of the UK we see a common theme where boiling water taps breakdown due to limescale and poor water quality. Tap spouts start to look unsightly, water flow begins to be restricted, even your tap spitting in all different directions are all warning signs that your boiling tap needs attention. We totally understand how frustrating it can be, you've made the step up and invested in a boiling water tap only to start experiencing issues a year or even a few months down the line. Manufacturers are aware of the issues relating to hard water and have developed suitable products for this purpose. One thing we always reiterate to our customers is DO NOT OVERLOOK THE IMPORTANCE OF WATER QUALITY.

What can i do to prevent limescale damaging my boiling water tap?

By installing a water treatment product prior to your boiler tank you can prevent the damaging effects of hard water and extend the life and efficiency of your boiling water tap.

Qettle A filter cartridge is supplied with all Qettle boiling tap systems which help protect the boiler from limescale and corrosion. Filter cartridges have to be replaced every 6 months to maintain the warranty and to ensure the performance is consistent.

Quooker offer their own water treatment device aptly named 'scale control'. Purchased at an additional cost to the boiling tap system, scale control is a great solution for tackling hard water, negating the need for regular internal maintenance of the boiler tank. Similar to the Qettle filter, scale control cartridges will need to be replaced periodically which is subject to the water hardness and usage.

Can i feed my boiling tap with softened water?

YES. Providing your water softener is working correctly (confirmed by a water softener engineer) and falls within the criteria governed by each manufacture then yes it is possible to feed your boiling water tap with soft water. We will go into detail about this in a future article.

My boiling tap isn't working!

If you already have a boiling water tap installed and have noticed of late that it's not performing quite the same as when you first purchased it, then limescale could be the culprit. You will not only loose capacity within the heating tank, it will need to use more energy to get your water up to the correct temperature. Depending on what brand of boiling water tap you own, a descale may be required to effectively get rid of any existing limescale within the boiler. This could be as simple as pouring in some descaler into part of the system or could require a full strip down with some internal parts needing to be replaced. We would always recommend you speak to the manufacturer first before carrying out any work.

It's safe to say that boiling water taps need a little TLC to operate effectively and efficiently. Supplementing them with a water treatment device will prolong the life of your boiling tap saving you time and money.

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