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The best Block Salt Water Softener?

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

The non-electric block salt water softeners are up there with the most popular type of systems available. The neat compact size means it can slide neatly under the sink leaving ample room for all your cleaning products and without the need for an electric point. To give you more of an understanding as to whether or not this is the most suitable type of water softener for you let's start by answering some common questions and debunking a couple of myths.

Do twin cylinder water softeners give you soft water 24/7?

Yes, it is true a twin cylinder/tank water softener has the ability to provide softened water 24 hours a day. Due to the twin tank design, one cylinder will still be able to provide softened water whilst the exhausted cylinder regenerates.

Do you need soft water 24/7?

No, we all have to sleep at some point, right? So this is the time we would set your electric single cylinder to operate.

A non-electric softener is cheaper to run?

No, most electric water softeners these days are generally low voltage and require very little electricity to run. Most water softeners would cost less than £3-4 in electric over the course of the year. The main running costs on a water softener is the salt.

Are block salt water softeners any good?

Yes, these types of water softeners are generally built very well with Harvey water softeners (Minimax, Twintec, DuoFlow and Crown) built over here in the UK and (Kinetico/Infinity) manufactured out in the USA. Certain models come with a 10 year part warranty and can give many more years of trouble free service.

Infinity T4 non-electric block salt water softener

When purchasing a twin tank block salt water softener (Kinetico, Infinity, Harvey) don't be fooled by the cost saving in electrics or the unnecessary claims you can have 24 hours a day softened water. The main factors that you should take into consideration when purchasing one of these softeners is

Am i limited on space?

Do i have a plug socket nearby?

What type of salt would i prefer to use? the convenience of 4 Kg blocks or the more readily available 25 Kg bags of loose salt.

What is the best block salt water softener? Throughout the years of installing, servicing and repairing these types of non-electric water softeners for Phoenix Water Services and myself at AllSalts i believe the Infinity T4 to be the best option.

Here at AllSalts we offer a couple of different block salt water softeners including a range of electric water softeners. We have supplied hundreds if not thousands of these units over the last 20+ years throughout areas such as Colchester, Bishops Stortford and Chelmsford. We can service and repair all makes and models of block salt water softeners which include Kinetico, Harvey, Minimax, Twintec, DuoFlow, Crown and Infinity.

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