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Water Softener Installation Prices

How much does it cost to install a water softener? The cost of installing a water softener system can vary dependent on a number of factors. This can include the type of plumbing system you have, where the water softener can be located, materials required and even down to the incoming water pressure. Below is a few examples of our pricing to give you an approximate price but will vary from installation to installation. Our prices include labour, plumbing/installation materials. To obtain a more accurate quotation why not book a free home survey?


Standard Installation


15mm Combi Installation


22mm High Flow Installation

15mm Standard Installation

In older type properties where the majority if not all cold and hot water is supplied via a cold water storage cistern.


15mm Combi Installation

"My house does not have any storage tanks" Combi boilers are generally installed in small-medium sized properties supplying heating and hot water on demand. Our combi installations use higher spec materials to ensure that flow rates are kept to a premium as your water is delivered instantaneously.


22mm High Flow Installation

If you have a medium-large sized property with an unvented pressurized hot water cylinder and/or perhaps a 22mm incoming water supply then this will be the installation you require. By increasing the size of our installation materials we can deliver you exceptional flow rates to match your high water demands.

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